Madala Kunene Solidarity Fund

Madala Kunene Solidarity Fund

A public call to support Dr. Madala Kunene – A living legend of African music!

Our beloved Dr. Madala Kunene is currently experiencing critical health issues and needs some medical attention. Without the attention his condition is severely limiting his work capacity. He was recently hospitalized, and while we are thankful that he is back at home, he requires ongoing and long-term treatment. Madala has been put on an 8 months waiting list for surgery which will sadly impact his concert appearances as well as his upcoming European touring schedule. This includes a major showcase performance at WOMEX in Manchester this year which is a huge opportunity for him to earn a living and provide for his family.

Therefore, we as a community have come together to appeal for your support to allow Madala to cut that waiting list and have surgery at a private hospital. All proceeds raised from this campaign will go to Madala and will assist him in paying for these medical expenses, healthy food and general living costs.

Anyone who has encountered his music, whether live or recorded, would agree that beyond the appreciation of his skillful mastery of guitar and composition, the experience is also profound and inspirational. ‘Bafo’ [brother], Madala is considered as a ‘true African Bluesman’ and a ‘Spiritual Healer in Music’. Madala Kunene has touched our lives in so many ways, and whether on a personal or professional level, those that have met him will undoubtedly attest to the blessings that he brings.

We have recently created a website which tributes the journey of this South African star! It serves as an informative and soulful testimony and an amazing experience that I urge you to visit.

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