M2KR is MELT 2000 REVISITED: Resonating Rhythms of Southern Africa – The Rebirth of MELT 2000’s Musical Saga

M2KR is MELT 2000 REVISITED: Resonating Rhythms of Southern Africa – The Rebirth of MELT 2000’s Musical Saga


In the tapestry of world music in South Africa, few names resonate as profoundly as MELT 2000 and its founder, Robert Trunz. With its roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of post-apartheid South Africa, MELT 2000 was not just a record label but a cultural phenomenon. Today, this legacy is reimagined and revitalised through M2KR, bringing a fresh perspective to these timeless sounds.

The Genesis of MELT 2000:

Founded in the UK in the mid-90s by Swiss-born music maestro Robert Trunz, MELT 2000, an acronym for “Musical Energy Loud Truth,” began as a beacon of cultural integration on an African and international level. Trunz’s expertise, coupled with a deep love for South Africa and his passion for rhythms and global electronica, propelled MELT 2000 to the forefront of the local music scene, showcasing talents like Busi Mhlongo, Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Amampondo, Mabi Gabriel Thobejane, Madala Kunene, and many others who would become legends in their own right.

M2KR: A Legacy Revisited:

M2KR emerges as ‘MELT 2000 Revisited,’ a fitting tribute to the original label’s spirit and innovation. This new chapter is not just about reminiscing; it’s about redefining and extending the MELT 2000 experience to a new generation. By inviting renowned and upcoming producers to remix and reinterpret the classic MELT 2000 catalogue, M2KR is creating a bridge between the past and the present, honouring the timeless excellence of the original artists while adding contemporary relevance.

The Cultural Impact of MELT 2000:

MELT 2000’s influence extended far beyond the music industry. It catalysed social and cultural change, providing a platform for artists to express the realities and dreams of a post-apartheid era. The label’s diverse catalogue, featuring collaborations from Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and Europe, showcased musical talent and told stories of struggle, hope, and unity.

The Role of Robert Trunz:

Robert Trunz’s role in this musical odyssey must be considered. His vision and commitment to showcasing the richness of African music and its melting with other genres have left an indelible mark on the World Music scene.

M2KR: The Future of Musical Fusion:

The remix projects under M2KR are a testament to the enduring power of music to connect cultures and, more importantly, generations. This initiative ensures that the revolutionary spirit of ElectricMELT and MELT 2000 continues to inspire and influence the music landscape. M2KR, in essence, is more than a revival; it’s a celebration of a musical journey that began with MELT 2000 – the legacy of a label that broke boundaries and built bridges.

Call to Remix:

MELT 2000’s offshoot ELECTRIC M.E.L.T. released a series of Electronica between 1996 and 2012. A decade later, M2KR (MELT2000 REVISITED) started to re-release some of the albums of artists and remix tracks that were regarded by MELT 2000 fans as “MUSIC AHEAD OF ITS TIME”.

At the same time, the label joined forces with Madala Kunene, the estate of the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa and Busi Mhlongo to engage in a new REMIX project. The project keeps attracting some established names but lesser known Remixer and Producer talents in line with the original MELT 2000 body of thought. Artist and their work will once again be labelled MUSIC AHEAD OF ITS TIME.

Explore the transformative rhythms of M2KR. Revisit the classics and experience their reinterpretations. Join us in this musical journey that transcends time and space, and share how these sounds have touched your life and reshaped your understanding of African music and its global impact.


MELT 2000’s Founding and Evolution:

“MELT 2000 – the Story of a unique label for Southern Africa.” – Medioq.

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