Busi Mhlongo 2024 Remixes: Reviving the Spirit of Urban Zulu

Busi Mhlongo 2024 Remixes: Reviving the Spirit of Urban Zulu


The late South African diva Busi Mhlongo was more than just a singer and songwriter; she was a musical force that captivated audiences with her electrifying performances. Her fans would often describe the experience of her live sets as transcendent, likening it to a divine journey through time and space.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that M2KR is reigniting Busi’s powerful legacy with a fresh remix project for 2024.

Busi Mhlongo: The Divine Experience Reimagined

A Voice That Touched Souls

Busi Mhlongo’s unique blend of traditional Zulu music with contemporary sounds made her a beloved figure in South Africa and globally. The Mail & Guardian’s journalist, Niren Tolsi, captured her essence perfectly, referring to her as “A punk diva, the guardian of an ancient Zulu culture in modern times, a fashion icon, a fucking genius.” Her impact was profound, and her energy remains unmatched.

URBANZULU: The Album That Defined a Generation

Busi Mhlongo’’s groundbreaking album ‘URBANZULU’ topped the World Music charts in the late ’90s, becoming one of the decade’s most iconic South African recordings. 

Her music is not only a reflection of her immense talent but also a celebration of Zulu heritage through the lens of urban sophistication.

Now, over a decade after her passing, M2KR is bringing her URBANZULU legacy into the present with a vibrant new remix project.


2024: The Year of Busi Mhlongo Remix Sequences

Remixing a Legend

Black Coffee Mourns Busi Mhlongo

Following the early success of DJ’s like Culoe De Song, Soul II Soul and Black Coffee, who introduced Busi’s music to club scenes from Ibiza to New York, M2KR is now spearheading not only the re-release of earlier remixes by Busi and other MELT 2000 artist but a series of remixes that promise to be bring her work up-to-date.

These remixes aim to introduce Busi’s artistry to a new generation and reaffirm her status as a global music icon.

Ivan Curtis: The Man Behind the Mix

Ivan Curtis, a South African music producer known for his skilful fusion of indigenous elements into dance music, is at the helm of the first remix. Curtis transcends the boundaries of genre to create the unmistakably African sound, irresistibly danceable and imbued with a feel-good atmosphere that Busi herself would have been proud of.

M2KR: Where Legacy Meets Innovation

Artwork That Captures the Essence

Complementing the sonic revival is the striking design artwork by Nico Tando Trunz, which encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Busi’s music and the rich cultural tapestry it represents. The visuals are a perfect counterpart to the auditory innovation, both of which you can find at M2KR’s website and Nico Tando Trunz’s portfolio at tvndo.com.


The 2024 Busi Mhlongo remix project is more than just music; it’s a reawakening of a spiritual journey. It’s an invitation to both old fans and new listeners to experience the divine magic of Busi’s performances through a contemporary lens. M2KR is proud to present this reimagined experience, ensuring that the voice of Busi Mhlongo continues to inspire and transport us to realms of musical bliss.

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