The Story

SLASHISTICKS is a producer and collector of various genres of music from a small town called KATLEHONG in South Africa.
The first born child whose music interest was influenced by his parents love for jazz/fission/soul and R&B in the early 90s. SLASHISTICKSs love for house music was later discovered when his uncle Lefa Babane kept playing cassettes that contained intriguing sounds more similar to the fusion of international music…then from there he followed a style he discovered is called House music…
Johannesburg Y-FM radio station is where his world was opened to varieties of House music Djs/Producers by the likes of Dj Khabzela/Vava/Iggy-smalls/Vinny/Christos/2lani de warrior/Glen Lewis/Oskido/Stapia/Cleo…etc
His journey was only beginning as he had to understand and position himself towards his own sounds and music cause House music was broad and the more he ventured into the house music space the more and more he made friends and family through music who loved his taste of music he collected and advised him Dj which he did though it was tough as he had no knowledge or equipment to do so, he relied on others who has…
And as the years progressed one of his closest friends Thulo Molakeng advised why doesn’t he produce since he’s got good taste in music and brought him various versions of FL aka Fruity-loops from 2004 till 2011 that’s where he decided to listen his friend and he started to produce till today…


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