Rich Akoustic

The Story

Meet the multi-talented artist, who started out his career as a DJ, but quickly progressed into production, earning a reputation for his soulful and deep house music. Living in Cape Town Cape Town, Richard was born and bread in a small town called George. Though he is a self-taught musician, his raw talent and hard work have propelled him to great heights in the music industry.
With music releases on various labels, including Do It Now Recordings, he has gained recognition for his work. His Rainbow EP and other remix projects released on Do It Now Recordings showcased his versatility and his ability to create masterful compositions. The hit single Leave This Place, released on Travelling Bear Records, is another testament to his talent and skill.
The latest offering from this talented artist is the highly anticipated release on M2KR Records, the Moses Taiwa Molelekwa 2023 Remixes. This project is a tribute to the late South African jazz pianist Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, who was known for his unique blend of jazz and traditional African music. The remixes showcase the artist’s ability to seamlessly merge different genres and create something truly unique and beautiful.


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