Max Laesser

One of the most successful and creative of Swiss guitarists

The Story

Born in 1950, Max Lässer has long been one of the most successful and creative of Swiss guitarists. A professional musician since the 70s, his early years were devoted to folk music, and as his music started to evolve he spent many happy and successful years working with Toni Vescoli. In the mid-eighties, Lässer was part of Andreas Vollenweider & Friends, with whom he toured Europe and America, playing some 80 gigs. Following this he went on to play as a jobbing guitarist for the likes of Andreas Vollenweider and Stephan Eicher, and as a producer for Jellyfish Kiss and Les Reines Prochaines. Lässer’s highly individual and quite unmistakable sound was fully realised with 4 of his albums by ‘Max Lässer’s Ark’. Earthwalk, his 1987 album, made its way to the top of the American jazz charts, but it is only when he travelled to Joburg to work with local artist thatMax realised how well known this music was and still is in the townships of South Africa. Max worked on 3 projects with artists from the MELT 2000 catalog.



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