Deeper Kings

The Story

Deeper Kings formed by Dj Sprite and Castro B in 2018, but their working relationship dates back as early as the year 2000 when they started sharing turntables in night clubs. They later started producing songs trying to get record deals and approaching some big record companies and record labels. In 2006 they got signed to Oscar Mlangeni (Bulldawgz Intertainment) and released their first album called DOCTORS OF SOUNDS “The First Sip” and they started producing artists like Mzambia and working on Projects like (Public Transport Awareness) featuring well known artists like Khelly Khumalo, Ntando, Nestam, Mzambia, Fohloza and Cheaper, working on the song called “GIBELA” with Bonzai. Later the two produced a song called (Night Wave) for Doctor Duda which was released by Dj Mbuso (Phezulu Records). In 2007 Castro B got signed solo to Robert Trunz (Melt2000) and released the album “FIDELITY” but Dj Sprite was always involved on the making of the album. Later they Produced Dj Zee’s album called “INFINITY” which was also released by Robert Trunz (Melt2000) in 2009. Over the years their catalogue grew impressively while their productions hit the airwaves. In 2018 they decided to form their own music label (DEEPER KINGS MUSIC) to grow their status professionally and internationally. Robert Trunz (Melt2000) has always promoted Castro B as he understood the passion and the taste which the young Producer had, later inviting Castro B to the remix project.  Following this, Melt2000 Revisited (M2KR) signed Deeper Kings to remix some of the most wonderful legends, the likes of Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Madala Kunene, Busi Mhlongo and many others. From now onward the sky is the limit.


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