Busi Mhlongo

Singer, Dancer, Composer

The Story

“I was always singing. At school, after school. I was the laziest one in my family because I just didn’t have time; my time was for music, you know. I was always being punished, but I knew whenever I was punished it was because it had to do with some notes that someone – whether it was a band, or just a man playing guitar – I’d follow.” Busi Mhlongo

Ranked alongside Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu and The Mohatella Queens, unique in being the first female to be spreading the maskanda style of vocals internationally, Busi has been applauded by audiences the world over. Busi scored many SAMA- and a KORA award “The sound is hip, quirky and compelling, upbeat in a modern, upfront way” “Busi’s voice is rich and variable, coveing textural and stylistic boundaries.” The Guardian “Urbanzulu is a triumphant affirmation of her mature expressive powers.” The Wire “Busi’s stunning hybrid Zulu/English vocals takes the distinctive flavour of Maskanda and creates pan-African pop with a western twist.” Big Issue.

Mam Busi sadly lost her fight with breast cancer on the 15th of June 2010



Gabriel Le Mar draws inspiration from many sources. But African funk and African musical traditions and culture influenced him in many ways. On JUMP CUTS Gabriel Le Mar cooperates again with singers and songwriters from South-Africa, after having worked in the past with the band Amampondo.
A true co-work from soul-dub-brother Gabriel Le Mar, fusing tech house and dub influenceswith the local style of south african music like Kwaito, Maskanda and “traditional Zulu music” into modern club sound. The queen of modern Zulu music, legendary Busi Mhlongo with her distinctive voice, is chanting on this album.




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Busi Mhlongo - We Baba Omncane live@Nantes & Roskilde

Busi Mhlongo - Urbanzulu CD launch in Johannesburg

Busi Mhlongo - Digital Press Release 1997 Urbanzulu Launch

Busi Mhlongo Tribute part 4 6 Uganga Nge Ngane (You're Playing Around With This Child) & Oxamu


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