Alpha & Olmega

The Story

The talented duo of Xolani Dlamini and Vusi Chirwa hail from the lively township, Soweto. From a young age, these two talented individuals knew they had music in their blood, discovering their producing skills while playing around with their computer in one of their friend’s bedrooms, where locals would come and perform with live instruments and percussion and their enthusiasm for house music grew from there.

The duo has played at well-known clubs and events and in 2009 Alpha & Olmega decided to bring their talents to the world, armed with nothing more than a hard drive filled with beats and heart full of dreams, they immersed themselves in the city’s club culture.

The boys grew up playing music. “Our main thing is percussion—drums, congas. We also play keyboards, bass, stuff like that. When we were young we’d played in different bands, way before Djing came along.

“We started doing it on the computer, just messing around, then we got a CD set, and then we started playing vinyl” Alpha & Olmega kicked off a new chapter 2010, when Louie Vega released Mad Styles & Crazy Visions 2 – A Journey Into Electronic, Soulful, Afro & Latino Rhythms Compiled And Mixed by Louie Vega,” a powerhouse of a compilation that won them a whole new world of acclaim their remix of Paul Deep – Alafia feat. Sheyi (Alpha & Olmega’s Ethnic Vocal Mix) won the boys fans far beyond the boundaries of the soulful house scene, making its way into the sets of many soulful deep house, techno and minimal DJ as well.

As with Djing, the boys learned production on their own, with the help of Sakhile Mbatha (Devoted Child) and Sphiwe Zulu (Dj Ryno Bar) who helped them with the basics.
What sets Alpha & Olmega apart is their sense of flow. Watch them behind the decks: they don’t stop moving. Lean, lanky, all wrists and elbows and ear-to-ear grins, these kids look like they were born to move. They’re practically climbing over each other as records flow together, one brother cueing up a track, the other EQing, the headphones passed back and forth, forearms intertwined and heads bobbing in unison. It’s amazing to watch. It’s even more amazing to hear

Their ever-growing roster has enabled them to continue sharing their spirited entertainment globally. For 6 years now, Alpha & Olmega has been releasing and remixing for the hottest labels in the house scene.


In 2016, Alpha & Olmega was given an opportunity to handle the A&R side of Uncover Music, which was founded by Antonello Coghe formerly a co-founder of Nulu Music NYC which the group was signed under.

With this new responsibility came a huge task of discovering new talent and also assisting artists in making music, and came in the new challenge of producing for unknown artists to put the on the map as well. These are the releases thus far

In this journey we met up with The Rhythm Sessions duo that interviewed us at KayaFm 95.9 a radio station based in SA, thus a great relationship began.

“We collaborated on a hit single titled Cure which featured Portia Monique on the vocals, arguably the best soulful track to come out of SA and it gained popularity with its catchy vocals, this song caught the ears of the likes of Louie Vega who signed the song to be released under his Label Vega Records and also did a remix.”


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