Yehlisan’Umoya Azanina (In the Mix)

About Album


When we asked dance and electronica producers to pay tribute to the late Diva of South African Pop & Maskanda we didn’t expect such excitement from not just the up & coming but also the cream of producers from South Africa and Europe. This is the first in a series of 3 CD’s with remixes and new productions celebrating the life of Busi Mhlongo.


1 Webaba – Black Coffee & Culoe de Song
2 Uyeph’unembeza (Hip hop, dub mix) – Monde Mkhizwana
3 Izizwe – Black Coffee
4 Baba We (Deep) Frederic Galliano
5 Crocodiles – Soothsayers (UK)
6 Father of my Children – Castro B
7 Hlisani Umova – DJ Zee
8 Webaba – Culoe de Song
9 Yintoni Na – Black Coffee
10 Lua Lua – DJ Qness (Zulu Warrior mix)
11 Sibuza Indlela – Rudeboy Paul
12 What is she saying to me? – Kalahari Surfers & Greg Hunter

Release Date
January 1, 2009
Catalogue ID
MZA 050
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