We Baba Omncane (In the Mix)

About Album

1 Awukhu Muzi Dance mix   7:12 Blaq Soul

2 We Baba Omncane Rocco Underground mix   7:25 Rocco

3 Isono Sami nkOKhi remix7:48nkOKhi (Original track from the album Between by Max Laesser)

4 We Baba OmncaneInfinite Boys Deeper mix  6:43   Infinite Boys

5 Kae Kae  5:58   Dan Mampone and Mabi Thobejane

6 We Baba Omncane  7:22  Funk Daddy

7 Critical Condition  7:59  Gabriel Le Mar

8 Goat Song Alpine mix7:50  Blaq Soul featuring Lungiswa Plaatjies and Busi Mhlongo

9 Ubaba Wezingane 6:37  Sumthyn Black

10 We Baba Omncane. 6:52  Soul Junky re-mix

11 Hlisan’ umoya Musa mix  5:04  Top Shayela and Blueberry Jam


Poem by Blueberry Jam

“Lower your arms/guns and come come down, sons of Africa. In a river of blood, no cattle can drink. A person is a person through other people from our past and the old ways. I can see you hardening your heart like a stone. Do you not feel for the sons of Afrika fighting other people’s war ? Come down my people, cover each other with a blanket of love.”

Release Date
January 1, 2011
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