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1. Kunene Jazz Drive Kekapa performed his own words in Owambo language. Recorded at Epupa for Doxa Productions for the film Ochre and Water. Used by permission.Greg played bass, berimbau, piano, percussion and distorting things. Warrick played tabla, turntable (chicken scratching), mbira, fuzz washboard, percussion and Murray’s old guitar. Harrys Sepedi Choir sang in at the end.

2. Gita Madala Kunene played acoustic guitar. Warrick Sony played tabla, bass, turntable, percussion, veena, 2008 mix. Greg Hunter played bass, drum kit, marimba, various percussion & original arrangement. Kris Weston played guitar and did some percussion.
Petrus Mbila played mbira and the Venda Sisters backing vocals. Tjikorna pipes recorded in Venda by Warrick for the film Two Rivers. Pygmy water music samples courtesy of Silent Music Records. 

3. Wading Through The Sea  Greg did the programming, sample preparation, 2009 mix. Warrick played bass, drums, tabla, turntable (chicken scratch and Indian film Lp’s) and the 2008 arrangement and mix. Chris Engel played baritone sax.

4. Epupa Falls Warrick played bass, drum prog, tabla, turntable, dodgy trombone and 2008 mix. Greg played berimbau, processed a lot of viola and did the original arrangement 1999. Brendan played viola and did some processing. Unidentified Himba girl recorded at Epupa for Doxa Productions for the film Ochre and Water Used by permission.

5. What Is She Saying To Me Greg played bass berimbau, guitar, and did the string arrangement and original arrangement.Warrick played and programmed tabla, mridangam and did turntables did 2008 version. UCT String Quartet played the strings. Doug Armstrong helped arrange strings. Brendan Jury played additional viola and processed viola. Main vocal by Busi Mhlongo. Backing singers from the Amampondo group. 

6. Dawn Greg did the arrangement and composition. Pondo Girls singing. 

7. Garuda Express  Greg Hunter played guitar did this mix and arranged strings.Kris Weston played guitar.Warrick played tabla, mridangam, turntables. Brendan played viola.UCT String Quartet played the strings. Doug Armstrong helped arrange strings.Ibrahim Abubakar vocal. 

8. Another Goat  Original mix and arrangement. 

9. Lisa Upanishad  Brendan played viola and processing. Warrick played percussion, veena, turntable, dodgy trombone 2008 version. Greg played percussion, made loops, drones and did original arrangement.  Amampondo played the marimbas.


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January 1, 2009
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