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1. HUNGRY ON ARRIVAL by Fana Zulu, Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Jose Neto, Andrew Missingham, Airto Moreira, Byron Wallen and Shaluza Max Mntambo.

2. GIYA KASAMORE by Amampondo with Airto Moreira.

3.SANBONANI by Madala Kunene with Mabi Thobejane, Airto Moreira, Lindiwe Ngwane, Tside Manye & Nonhlanhla Ngcobo.

4. BONGANI’S THEME by Bongani Ngcobo, Bra Paul Ngcobo, Pops Mohamed, Airto Moreira and Byron Wallen.

5. NINGAKHALI (DON’T CRY) by Dave Mxolise Mayekana with Byron Wallen, Sipho Gumede, Andrew Missingham & Amampondo

6. MAMAYE by Sipho Gumede with Lindiew Ngwane, Tsidi Manye, Nonhlanhla Ngcobo, Shaluza Max Mntambo, Mabi Thobejane, Andrew Missingham & Airto Moreira.

7. THE LONG WALK TO FREEDOM by Sipho Gumede with Mfa Kera, Baba Mokoena, Jose Neto, Byron Wallen, Airto Moreira, Mabi Thobejane, Shaluza Max Mntambo, Faca Khulu, Lindiwe Ngwane, Tsidi Manye and Nonhlanhla Ngcobo.


Recorded and mixed at Downtown Studios in Johannesburg, Milestone Studios in Cape Town & Sound Design Studios in Santa Barbara (USA).
Engineerd by Peter Thwaites, Murray Anderson, Geoff Gillette, Mark Casselman & Dom Carmardella

Artwork by SWIFTY and FRED at Swifty Typografix

Producers: Sipho Gumede, Pops Mohamed, Byron Wallen, Andrew Missingham, Jose Neto and Airto Moreira

Executive Producer: Robert Trunz

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