No Gap

About Album

A compilation dedicated to Diana & Krishna Booker, daughter and son in law of Flora Purim and Airto Moreiera. In our daily life we are often confronted with the term Generation Gap loosely used to describe differences between us parents and our kids. When I started working with Flora and Airto in 1993 they just introduced their daughter Diana and her now husband Krishna Booker. During the years of recording with the four of them the so called generation gap transpired often over trivial matters or when the wisdom of the parents or the common sense of the younger generation got completely ignored. However when in the studio everything was forgiven and forgotten and the creative juices would flow immediately amidst the speckle of colourful sparks and the fairies of musical creation would dance among them all filling every empty space with joy and laughter. The genespassed on by parents Flora and Airto are so evident in the beauty of their common creation. The openness of Fourth World (being Airto, Flora, and Jose Neto) to welcome a fresh breeze into their music has made it possible for us to compile this album using many oft he tracks composed by Diana & Krishna without even being aware of – just feeling the never aging youth in their common creation.

A deep thank you to the creative spirits to allow such an intimate relationship to be created for their fans to enjoy this organic compilation free of Generation Gap

Release Date
January 1, 2009
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