About Album

It is a multi genre album strongly focusing on words of love, wisdom, spiritual healing and unity by Dan Mampone and Mabi Thobejane from Garankuwa, Pretoria.

The beat goes as far as African Traditional to House including Reggae, Gospel and Kwaito with hits like Mmabanyana and My Destiny just to name two. The majority of songs on Melodi are in Tswana and Pedi. The album comprises 10 original songs and two remixes one by African Diva Busi Mhlongo and Brendan Graham/ Rolf Lovland.

1. KE GO RATA BOBE (4:50)

2. RELAX BABA (3:20)

3. KAE KAE (5:55) revisited Busi Mhlongo track

4. RE A GO BOKA (4.40) Traditional Hymn

5. MMABANYANA PT.1 (3:20)

6. RAGGA DA (4:30)

7. BODIBENG (3:35)

8. AYELELE (4:05)

9. MY DESTINY(5:24)

10. A RE YENG (5:55)

11. YOU RAISE ME UP (4:15)

12. MMABANYANA PT.2 (3:50)

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