King of the Zulu Guitar Vol.1

About Album

Durban in the year of 1995
Those who read or watched the news in 1995 will have noticed the ongoing violent clashes between the then still-fighting factions in the Zululand. The sounds of gunfire throughout the night left one with no choice but to barricade oneself and wait for morning, when it was time to count the bodies. Those patient people who have gone through decades of apartheid and brutality have come through at the end under a president who knew more about repression than most, but is still smiling, still loving and forgiving.
There is talent everywhere and Madala Kunene is one of the people who dedicates his life to peace and to help making a difference. It was during the daytime hours in 1995 when I recorded this album live on the riverbank and at the bottom of his garden using a stereo Sony DAT recorder and a Soundfield microphone – everything battery-driven because of a lack of electricity in places like the farm in KwaZulu hinterland. Dick Jewell was kind enough to film the unique encounters of Madala with percussionist Mabi Thobejane or Busi Mhlongo rehearsing in their hotel room in Johannesburg.

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