Indiza (The Journey)

About Album

Indiza (Voyages) introduces not only the unique and new rhythms of drum master and producer Brice Wassy but also a collaboration with Oumu Sangare from Mali with whom Busi shared the stage many times during their extensive touring schedules in Europe..
Long time friend Mabi Thobejane and Cape producer Ben Amato pay their respect on a remix of Indiza on track 4. Khuzani the second of Wassy’s productions features Cuban and Latin beats on track 5 and a Cuban style drum n bass remix by London underground producer Chris Mack. More in the current House music trend is Flipper Dalton’s (UK) remix of Way of Baba from the ADIDAS ad tune We Baba Omncane. Yehlisanumoya ma Afrika (African Nation calm!) remix by Soul II Black was previously released on the URBANZULU REMIXES album rounds up a voyage that lasted 7 years in which period Busi rose to become the undoubted Musical Queen of South Africa.

1. Ntandane Y ibomvu – Gabi Le Roux Tribal Mix (6:19)
2. OxamuClub 3-30 Dub Mix (4:25)
3. Indiza – Voyages (4:22)
4. Indiza (Voyages) – Steam Dream Mix (4:51)
5. Khuzani (4:47) – Lyrics by Busi Mhlongo
6. Khuzani – Cuban Drum’n Bass Remix (4:54) remixed by Chris Mack (London, UK)
7. Way of Baba – Busi Mhlongo & Flipper Dalton, London (UK) (7:25)
8. Oxamu (The Crocodile) – Club 3-30 Tribal House Mix (7:52)
9. Yehlisanumoya maAfrika (African Nation calm!) (5:43)
10. Ntandane Y ibomvu – Gabi Le Roux House Mix (5:51)
11. Introduction Busi Mhlongo (0:05)
12. OxamuClub 3-30 Radio Edit (4:58)

Release Date
May 23, 2005
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