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HOMELESS is co-produced and co-composed by Airto’s daughter Diana and her husband Krishna Booker of Eyedentity. The album is influenced by a strong mutual desire by the artist and MELT 2000 to go beyond the boundaries of today’s commercial music and to present generations of dedicated dance fans with a truly organic and tribal dance album drawing from centuries of global rhythms. HOMELESS is a message of peace and a call for a change at the same time. Airto, for the first time, strongly features the incredible vocal talent of his daughter Diana giving the album an edge previously unheard from the Master.  The choice of musical collaborators clearly marks probably the highest standard in today’s percussive dance music. Changuito, Cuban master conga player and his “pupil” Giovanni Hidalgo from Puerto Rico are not new to the dedicated Airto fans and to find Master Capoeira teacher Amen on the same album shows the spirit of togetherness. Long time associate Jose Neto contributes his fine guitar playing to two tracks and Gary Brown puts bass where one wants it in the New Millennium. Enjoy and celebrate !
Robert Trunz

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