Earth Roots

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Earth Roots, released in 1997, is a deep conversation with the heart of our heritage. It is the sound of a millennium where humanity will at last realise that we are all one people, united in diversity. Indigenous people of the world have always communicated with nature and have developed cultures that are rooted in the land. They carry our ancestral flame of wisdom, from which we have much to learn. However, as we blink, before our eyes human diversity is vanishing. Approximately two hundred thousand indigenous people were killed last year. There is a multiplicity of reasons, stemming from Governmental greed and the need to control. To this day it is hard for some to realise that not everyone’s dream consists of material wealth and modern conveniences. Natural people are fighting for their lives; their identity and a future for their children. The industrial revolution produced the necessity to centralise labour and capital. As people moved into the cities, we lost our ties to the earth and our communities. This has produced a culture of spiritual impoverishment, technological destructiveness, and a world in which our children have gone from merely lacking knowledge to lacking belief in the future. We are constantly getting wake-up calls reminding us that, ultimately, humans are not the ones in charge. What technological solutions have we got to help us deal with the consequences of man-made radioactivity, oil spills and toxic waste, let alone the cries of the earth in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes? It is time for us to make our peace with Mother Earth and to learn to talk to her again.

Peter Martin – Bass
Alan Weekes – Guitar
Richard Ajileye – Percussion
Byron Wallen, Tabla, Shenai – Producer
Arif Durvesh* – Drums [Dholak], Drums [Nakari]

Release Date
January 1, 1997
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