About Album

Cape Town based singer, song writer, traditional instruments player, dancer and story teller Lungiswa Plaatjies comes from a family of well know artists. Lulu has been performing with marimba and percussion band AMAMPNDO. The musical Ambassadors from Cape Town have been travelling the globe throughout the hardest decades of racial segrregation back home in South Africa promoting traditional music. We are happy to introduce you to a series of remixes from Lungiswa’s home turf andi electronic productions with UK producer Tony Thorpe. In 1995 Lungiswa shared a studio at Downtown with Ike Leo, members of Amampondo and her elder sister Busi Mhlongo.

Find a couple of Busi remix renditions on this compilation namly by Gaby Le Roux and Sumthyn Black.

Remixed or produced by: Blaq Soul, Tony Thorpe, Greg hunter, Mindlo & EssenSals I, Gabi Le Roux, Sumthyn Black, Nkokhi, Chris Lewis, Zena Edwards, Sie Medway-Smith

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