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Through the invitation of Robert Trunz to join the Outernational Meltdown Sessions in Johannesburg Max Laesser became friends with some very talented musicians with whom he spent 3 weeks working at Downtown Studios. This album is a superb collaboration between Swiss guitarist Lässer and some of the finest South African musicians such as singers/songwriters Lungiswa Plaatjies with Kumnandi or the late diva Busi Mhlongo with Lua Lua and Bhoyi. The album features Jessica Lauren and Ike Leo (UK), Pops Mohamed, Sipho Gumede, Mabi Gabriel Thobejane and members of Amampondo from South Africa, Max features his long time friends Christop Stiefel or Walter Keiser, going back to the days when they toured with Andreas Vollenweider. The result is a lively mix of guitar, kora, percussion, congas, didjeridoo, marimba, etc. with occasional vocal chorus. Max was a friend of Vollenweider since childhood and was his guitarist on many albums.
Executive Producer Robert Trunz MELT 2000.

Release Date
June 23, 2023

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