Afro MELT Volumes

About Album

For the last of 3 Cd’s in the Remix Series,  AfrodesiaMP3 & Electric Melt joined forces to present some musical talent Africa possesses. Afro Melt Volumes combines the most prolific artist from the Melt catalogue with established and up and coming producers to breathe new life into classic material, remixing them into the various dance genres that are breaking the barriers in the world today.


Intro (32:03) Khuzani Mr. Funk Kade Sas’bona Remix(00:32)
Yapheli’mali Yami Halo & Lars Behrenroth Remix(6:22)
Ukuthula Mr. Funk Weh Bantu Bakithi Remix (7:59)
Ukuthula Sculptured Mix (5:54)
Zithin’isizwe Essential-i Afro Remix (6:14)
Oxamu Zulu Mafia Remix (5:40)
Ngadlalwa Yindoda Soldiers Of House AB Dub Mix (5:18)
Oxamu Soul tonic Ancestral Soul Mix (7:12)
Ngeku Wathola Mandlami Blaq Soul’s Ritual Mix (6.10)
Yapheli’mali YamiSoldiers of House Dub (4:37)
Bhoyi nkokhi’s Kanun Remix(6:27)
Bokwanyana Soul Junky Remix (5:56) 
Outro (00.35)

Release Date
January 1, 2011
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