Acontecer Afrocuba 1997

About Album

Cuban bata player and singer Mario L. Pino, better known as Mayito, toured for many years with the Latin Jazz group Afro Cuba with whom he recorded a couple of albums. Mayito was invited to join his Cuban friend Changuito and a group of musicians from the UK to travel to Johannesburg where in 1995 they worked with lots of local musicians like Amampondo and Zim Ngqwana on a project called Outernational Meltdown. Some years later while playing at Ronnie Scotts Mayito left a tape at Brownhill Farm Studios which was found much later and before archived it was transferred to a DAT.
25 years later the recordings are finally finding its way into the light and ears of listeners. The album also features 4 remixes from 1995 – the time Mayito recorded in Johannesburg.

Release Date
April 30, 2023
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