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We had the pleasure of introducing Dr Madala Kunene, the True African Bluesman in recent Mail Outs of our 2023/24 REMIXES projects.
South Africa’s legend of traditional music, Madala has a long history of being remixed and loved by generations of young musicians, producers and DJ’s.
He started busking on Durban’s beach-front at the age of 7, making his first guitar out of a cooking oil tin. Today at the age of 76 Madala is a living legend and one of the most revered traditional artists in South Africa. His sublime trance music which he calls Madalaline bears elements of maskandi, African blues and rock which he mentored to generations of young musicians.
Drawing from traditional Zulu songs and ancestral messages, his live performances evoke a shamanistic experience, channelling spiritual energies.


The EP release of REEL THREE contains 7 remixes by 5 producers/remixers from different stylistic and musical backgrounds making it quite eclectic.

1. Arieng Naledi – Alpha & Olmega Remix
Originally from the album RESPECT by Robert Doc Mthalane, Madala Kunene and Mabi Gabriel Thobejane.


Composed by & Mabi Gabriel Thobejane MELT2000 Publishing/admin SHEER Publishing, Xolani Dlamini and Vusi Chirwa published by


The late Durban born guitarist and songwriter Robert Doc Mthalane was lovingly called the Jimi Hendrix of South Africa.
His work dates back to the Rock days of the 70’s. In the early 90’s Doc recorded and toured with Busi Mhlongo and in 1997 he joined Madala Kunene and Malombo and Matrix drummer Mabi Gabriel Thobejane in the UK for his last recording for MELT2000.

ALPHA & OLMEGA DJs / Producers Xolani Dlamini and Vusi Chirwa, a talented duo from Soweto, discovered their musical talents early on. They began their careers in a friend’s bedroom, experimenting with software and live local performances, which sparked their passion for house music.
Launching into the global scene in 2009, they quickly gained acclaim. Their breakthrough came with a remix on Louie Vega’s 2010 compilation, “Mad Styles & Crazy Visions 2.” This remix expanded their influence beyond traditional house music into techno and minimal DJ sets.

Alpha & Olmega are self-taught, learning production basics with the help of mentors. Known for their dynamic presence and seamless teamwork behind the decks, they continue to release and remix music, captivating audiences worldwide.

2. Umvelinqangi Master – Deeper Kings MIX – 6:47
Originally from Madala Kunene & Bernard Sbu Mndaweni album UXOLO


Composed by Mzwakhe Madala Kunene, Bernard Sibusiso Mndaweni, Mphodisa Frans Boshomane & Morena Eric Lenkor.
Madala is published by SALT ROCK Publishing/SONY
All other composers are registered by MELT2000/SHEER ISRC:ZA-A99-23-03302

Another Deeper Kings pick from Madala Kunene’s extensive catalogue featuring Morena Eric Lenkor and longstanding producer Castro B.
Their latest remix incorporates the essence of traditional tales with a strong message from the King of Zulu guitar. ‘UMvelinqangi’ is a Nguni word that translates to ‘the Most High’ or ‘Divine Consciousness’; it is considered the source of all that has been, that is, and all that ever will be. Contrary to widespread belief, UMvelinqangi is not personified.”

Castro B over the past decades worked on remixes for practically every MELT 2000 artist. Check his earlier releases.

3. Washa to Konko Man – Gledd Remix 4:36
Originally from Madala Kunene’s album KONKO MAN
Composed by: Mzwake Madala Kunene published by SALT ROCK Publishing/SONY and Edoardo Barbi


GLEDD, an Italian-born DJ now based in Mexico City, discovered his passion for Soul, Funk, and R&B early on. He’s renowned for a unique sound that fuses Disco, House, and World Music. In his latest M2KR remix, GLEDD skillfully merges “WASHA” and “KONKO MAN” from Madala’s album Konko Man, crafting them into a unified sonic piece.

Konko Man (Remastered)

Founder of the Saint Wax record label and Radio Mundo, GLEDD also spearheads “Makonga,” a series of parties showcasing artists like Keene, Elado, and Tigerbalm. He has performed alongside notable figures such as Jamie 3:26, Benji B, and Rahaan, and his productions have been featured on prominent labels like Rose Records, Tropical Disco, and Midnight Riot. His music enjoys the support of industry icons like Jamie Jones, Laurent Garnier, and Adam Port.

4. Washa Washa – Lexmic Main Mix 4:10
Originally from Madala Kunene’s album KONKO MAN
Composed by: Mzwake Madala Kunene published by SALT ROCK Publishing/SONY and Alexandros Michaelides

Madala’s songs are deep and he himself is a spiritual healer and like few other artists he delves into realms and subjects not often laid bare. Washa brings back painful memories of fights between political factions and loosely translated Madala’s lyrics say.

“A man is burning to ashes. He is burning in the imbawula ( a firedrum made from oil barrels). They caught him and threw him on the imbawula and he burnt to ashes. “
Madala is asking fellow Africans to love one another and to forgive and sympathise as literally the country was burning at that time of transition in the 1990’s when the two political parties IFP and ANC were fighting and killing each other in the biggest province KwaZulu Natal – the place where Madala Kunene comes from.

LEXMIC is a producer and DJ born in South Africa, known for his eclectic and dynamic sounds. Currently based in The Hague, he is becoming an integral part of the local music scene, performing at variousclubs ,beach and outdoor parties. Lexmic’s music and sets are characterised by his unique blend of house, techno and deepgroove, creating an infectious energy that captivatesa udiences. With releases on FlyTreeRecords, numerous showcase collaborations and regular sets on online radio, Lexmic continues to pus h the boundaries of electronic music, making a significant impact wherever he performs.

5. Abangoma – MXO & Megamind Nova East London Mix 7:05
Produced by: MXO & Megamind Nova
Composed by: Mzwakhe Madala Kunene, Mxolisi Lokwe and Mashabane Kgotsa. Madala is published by SALT ROCK PUBLISHING admin by SONY SA Publishing

In his album Kon’Ko Man, Madala Kunene features perhaps the most popular track among his audience. When performed live the audience’s participation by singing the powerful lyrics of “Abangoma” evokes that spiritual connection.
Madala explains the inspiration behind the song: “You know when you suddenly wake from sleep, trembling from a fright? That’s what sparked ‘Abangoma.’ It felt like my ancestors inspired me—I just got up, grabbed my guitar, and wrote the entire song.”
Kunene feels deeply connected to his ancestry, and his music, influenced by divination rhythms, reflects this. He credits his ancestors for his musical path: “They wanted me to use my talent, not go to school. So, I focused on my music.”

One of South Africa’s multi talented producers, musicians, actors and event organiser MXO (Mxolisi Lokwe) is a dedicated fan of Madala Kunene. Together with young producer MEGAMIND NOVA Mashabane Kgotasto they produced this high energy remix.
Born in Port Elizabeth, MXO (Mxolisi Lokwe) moved to Johannesburg in 1999. MXO is a visionary, maverick, and trailblazer who stands out in the South African music scene. He has pioneered a post-modern eclectic genre that, while often imitated, has never been replicated. Known as “TheRealMXO,” he continues to push his artistic boundaries in an industry where many falter under pressure, solidifying his status as an icon.
Pic. MXO

Megamind Nova is a music producer, composer, entrepreneur, upcoming artist, and songwriter from Shatale, a small town in Mpumalanga’s Bushbuckridge region, South Africa. Immersed in a musically rich environment, he began his professional music career at age 16 and fully committed to it by 23. In 2023, Megamind Nova was invited by MXO to co-produce a remix of “Abangoma,” a deeply spiritual track from Madala Kunene’s classic album, Konko Man.

6. Arieng Naledi – Alpha & Olmega Radio Edit 4:00
Original from the album RESPECT by Robert Doc Mthalane, Madala Kunene and Mabi Gabriel thobejane.

Composed by & Mabi Gabriel Thobejane MELT2000 Publishing/admin SHEER Publishing, Xolani Dlamini and Vusi Chirwa published by


7. Washa Washa – Lexmic Club Mix 5:12
Original by Madala Kunene from the album KONKO MAN
Composed by: Mzwake Madala Kunene published by SALT ROCK Publishing/SONY and Alexandros Michaelides


Release Date
July 12, 2024
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