2024 Remixes Episode Three – Moses Taiwa Molelekwa

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2024 A New Year – New Musical Territories

M2KR present the third offering of musical interpretations and remixes celebrating the works of the late piano legend Moses Taiwa Molelekwa who led The Afro-Jazz renaissance movement in the 1990’s.

At an early age Moses already toured the USA with Bra Hugh Masekela, Dorothy Masuka and Julian Bahula and back home he played alongside Miriam Makeba, Jonas Gwangwa. Molelekwa’s debut album Finding One’s Self with MELT 2000 in 1995 won him SAMA awards. Moses was a world-class pianist who could play anywhere, anytime with the world’s best. The line-up of musicians on his ground breaking album Genes And Spirits is not only a clear testimony of the respect he had for his profession of choice, but also the high esteem he was met with by those Giants of Jazz like Chycho Valdes, Flora Purim or Airto Moreira who performed on GENES & SPIRITS.. The album was nominated in FNB SAMA’s Best Producer and Best Male Artist categories, and won the Best Contemporary Jazz Performance section. As much as he could journey between the traditional and the modern, he could also cruise smoothly between jazz and kwaito. After Moses untimely departure his other works were released on two albums, Darkness Pass (solo Piano) and Wa Mpona. Moses talent and approach to Jazz in the 90’ inspired many of today’s great South African musicians like Nduduzo Makhathini.

1. T-Drum aka Dave Tempo – Down Rockey Street (T-Drum`s Ghetto Mix)
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa & Thapelo Nkala (T-Drum AKA Dave Tempo)
ISRC ZA-A99-24-……

2. Deeper Kings – Sogra (Flora Purim Mix)
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Mphodisa Frans Boshomane & Morena Eric Lenkoe
ISRC ZA-A99-24-02902

The Jazz Diva from Rio de Janeiro and the Young Genius from Tembisa. Moses first recorded and performed with Brazilian master percussionist Airto Moreira (ex Miles Davis) in 1994 during the Johannesburg Outernational Meltdown recordings organised by Robert Trunz, founder of the B&W Music/MELT 2000 label and in those days headed British loudspeaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins. The year before Moses attended a Fourth World gig at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg with Airto Moreira and his wife Flora Purim who toured South Africa. After 1994 their paths crossed more regularly when both the South African pianist and the Brazilians Jazz legends recorded at MELT 2000’s Brownhill Farm Studios in West Sussex UK.
Both Flora and Airto contributed to Moses’s album Genes & Spirits from which Deeper Kings selected SOGRA to remix and heavily featuring Flora Purim’s contribution.

3. Sphecific – Itumeleng Remix
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa & Siphelele Herbert
ISRC ZA-A99-24-02903

Siphelele Herbert aka Sphecific is a DJ/Producer from Kagiso, West of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Sphecific has established himself as a reputable beat architect within Gauteng’s burgeoning House Music scene. His array of sounds echo inspirations of Dub Techno, Deep House and Electronica – dark and raw.

4. Slashisticks – Tsala Retake
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa & Thabo Eugene Sakwane
ISRC ZA-A99-24-02904

SLASHISTICKS is a South African producer of various genres and with a love for house music. He was influenced by his parents love for jazz/fission/soul and R&B in the early 90s. This is his second, very gentle and chilled Moses remix offering of Tsala this time without vocals.

5. Shamrock Guitor – Spirit Of Tembisa (Afro Mix)
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa & Thembinkosi Shamrock Ndala
ISRC ZA-A99-24-02905

M2KR welcomes Shamrock Ndala aka Shamrock Guitor to the growing list of remixers joining the label. Shamrock was born in Springs Kwathema in Johannesburg. With his love and passion of music he decided to start playing Guitar to improve the production level. He is one of the few guys to start performing live house (Mixing and playing guitar at the same time). That’s how he got his new surname Shamrock Guitor and made his mark.

6. Jul Dillier – Rapela Revisited
Composers: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa & Jul Dillier (SUISA)
ISRC: ZA-A99-24-02906

At M2KR when we say REMIXES we welcome all forms and genres. The last track on EPISODE THREE is an acoustic dedication to Moses Taiwa Molelekwa by Jul Dillier. Jul is a Swiss pianist, composer and sound-artist. He lives in Vienna Austria and Central- Switzerland. In 2016 he joined fellow Swiss and South African musicians and toured Southern Africa under the FOREST JAM banner. The band recorded a version of Moses song Wa Mpona while in residence at Matchume Zango’s studio in Maputo. Arrangements were done by Jul Dillier and vocals by Cyril Michel. The track also features Moses’ son Zoe Molelekwa on additional keyboard. Check it out.

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