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Iconic music newly remixed by South African producers, remixers and DJs

Alpha & Olmega Deeper Kings Gledd Lexmic Megamind Nova MXO

3rio Symphony Black Motion Deeper Kings Guy Buttery Madala Kunene Oddxperienc Osaze Syost

Deep Xcape Echo Deep Malinkandi & Jazzman M RoneeDeep Slashisticks

Cool Affair Deeper Kings Echo Deep Rich Akoustic

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The Sounds of Legends

Millennium remixes re-released for your listening pleasure

Busi Mhlongo Dizu Plaatjies Lungiswa Plaatjies

Bushmen Of The Kalahari Lungiswa Plaatjies Moses Taiwa Molelekwa Pops Mohamed

Mabi Gabriel Thobejane Madala Kunene

Busi Mhlongo Lungiswa Plaatjies Max Laesser

Boris Salchak Christy Doran

Brice Wassy

Brice Wassy

Brice Wassy

Blaq Soul

Featured Album

A celebration of music and newfound freedom

The king of Zulu guitar!

Madala has built upon his Zulu musical background, embracing new styles to create a rhythmic masterpiece. It's an intense African musical journey!

Cozmic Source

The Millennium Remixes

Explore iconic remixes from the ElectricMELT label

Bushmen Of The Kalahari

Bushmen Of The Kalahari

Busi Mhlongo Mabi Gabriel Thobejane Madala Kunene Madosini Music With No Name Thabang Tabane

Amampondo Busi Mhlongo Changuito Mabi Gabriel Thobejane Madala Kunene Madosini Music With No Name

Achisa Airto Moreira Amampondo Bryon Wallen Changuito Fourth World Mabi Gabriel Thobejane Music With No Name Pops Mohamed Skeleton

Achisa Amampondo Barungwa Flora Purim Fourth World Madala Kunene Music With No Name Pops Mohamed

Kalahari Surfers & Greg Hunter


Busi Mhlongo

The MELT2000 Years

Original classics from the MELT2000 label
N e w s l e t t e r

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